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Ethics Policy for AI Development


The purpose of this ethics policy is to provide the basis on how Indivd, from an ethical perspective, builds solutions, and conducts business when it comes to our AI development.


To be able to accept the positive changes that AI is conveying, people need to be able to trust that their personal integrity is respected. They need to trust that decisions made by automated systems are impartial and that ethical tradeoffs are balanced. That is why we in our business and in our services strive to work with an ethical approach. 

This means that we fully endorse the UN’s Universal Declarations on Human Rights, the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, as well as the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. We also strive to meet the UN’s goals for sustainable development, as well as helping AI benefit the entire community, not just official commercial interests.


This Policy applies to everyone engaged in our services such as the board of directors, employees, consultants, customers, and partners.



We will do our very best to make sure that our customers, partners, society, and others directly or indirectly associated with our services feel informed about and participate in AI’s impact on society, as well as being aware of AI’s risks and consequences. All information and discussions about AI should be balanced and based on facts.


We will always work to comply with the Data Protection Regulations by openly and comprehensively explain: 1) in what areas we work, 2) what the services we construct are for, 3) how they can be used and 4) how we use and handle the data that we have access to.

We want those who use our services to feel confident in us, which is why this promise includes a clear explanation of the purpose of our services. This contains what problems we intend to solve, what data is collected directly or indirectly, how the services work, and how data is managed. We shall also clearly state under what conditions an algorithm is intended to work.

Responsibility and control

We will always clarify who is responsible for and has control over the service, as well as how the division looks between supplier and customer. By taking into account that unintended consequences can occur, risk management is of most importance to be able to protect valuable assets with appropriate security control. If such events occur, the events must be immediately analyzed and measures identified in order to limit the damage caused by the occurrence, while at the same time having an established preparedness to prevent similar situations from recurring in the future.

Security and integrity

We must always ensure that there is a clear division of responsibilities for security functions because AI security is a part of our entire service responsibility. We shall also make sure that our customers and suppliers understand the risks and possible implications, and we shall, therefore, have a high level of expertise in AI security.

Version: 1.1
Date: 2020-07-24